Adani Group Case Study

The Adani Group commenced as a commodity-trading firm in 1988 and grew quickly, diversifying into the import and export of multi-basket commodities and the creation of large infrastructure assets around the globe. In 2011, the Adani Group also bought the Carmichael Coal Deposit in the Central Queensland Galilee Basin, a mine with 10.4 billion mega tonnes of coal reserve. Later in the same year, the Adani Group also bought the Abbot Point port on the Queensland central coast with 50 million mega tonne of handling capacity.

ASTRA has a long established relationship with the Adani Group, having provided key services since 2011.  Services provided throughout the establishment, exploration and construction phase of the Carmichael Coal Mine include:

  • Safety & Health Management System establishment and implementation
  • Familiarisation of Adani personnel with Queensland Coal Mining legislation and operations

  • Training System design and establishment

  • Induction program design and delivery

  • Provision of critical roles including:

  • Site Senior Executive (SSE);

  • Electrical Engineering Manager (EEM); and

  • Field Safety & Training Coordinators.