Peabody Energy Moorvale Mine Case Study

Peabody Energy Australia operates a number of Open Cut and underground coal mines in Australia, with one of them being Moorvale Mine, located approximately 90 minutes west of Mackay in Central Queensland.

In 2013, the mine site commenced moving from contractor-operator to owner-operator status. ASTRA was engaged to provide training and education support in the following areas:

  • Development of a compliant Training Scheme.

  • Preparation of a comprehensive and robust Training Needs Analysis.

  • Development and delivery of an innovative induction and Standard Operating Procedure training program that also catered for online delivery, self-paced and face-to-face learning.

  • Development of an extensive range of training and assessment materials.

  • Provision of a team of up to 12 Trainer / Assessors.

  • Execution of a comprehensive program to verify the competence of over 250 personnel with an average of five skills per person.

  • Development and facilitation of a series of Worker Wellbeing training programs to complement induction training with topics including Fitness for Work and Fatigue Management.

This scope of work represented over 12 months of time working closely with members of the Moorvale Mine team, that included assisting in the establishment of a learning culture based on respect and safe working practices.

As a result of the working relationship with Moorvale Mine, many new and innovative programs and approaches to the delivery of training were developed, trialled and adopted with resounding success, setting the scene for a workplace that has an appetite for learning and development.

In the 10,500 hours worked by our personnel to date, we have had no lost time injuries and no lost days due to illness.