Risk Management Services

Why is Risk Management so Important?

We regard risk management as the essential strategy to determine those risks that may materially impact upon business plans or organisational objectives. By adopting a systematic approach to making a realistic evaluation of the true level of risks to your business and the design, development and successful implementation of an effective system, those risks can be adequately controlled.

As defined by AS/NZS ISO 31000:2009, risk management involves: ‘coordinated activities to direct and control an organisation with regards to risk.’

Fatigue, poor health, lack of communication within the workplace... all have the potential to create risk, to introduce a level of uncertainty that can hinder the well-being of your staff and your business.

It's a core business focus for ASTRA

Fortunately our risk management service works systemically to identify and select the most appropriate management controls for you. No matter whether you strive for good business practices or are legislatively focused, we can implement a series of controls that will enable you to effectively plan ahead and allocate resources to prevent potential losses.

In fact, every step of the way you can benefit from a breadth of expertise and guidance that will ensure your system development, procedural documentation (including policies) and training is of the highest standards.

We do this by providing comprehensive risk management services that include the facilitation of risk workshops and the optimisation of risk management systems that will align with legislative requirements.

Our capability for the provision of training relevant to risk management practices and techniques covers all levels of organisational requirement. From baseline training for new employees, to legislative compliance for statutory positions, to discrete subject matter content such as Monte Carlo or other applications.

Our Audit, Monitor and Review capability will assist clients to achieve key strategic and operational objectives by determining the effectiveness of their people, processes and systems.

Through our intensive audits and risk management assessments, we can help you to effectively identify opportunities, allocate resources and reduce the chance of a loss event or situation.

Instead you can learn how to plan for every eventuality and implement a system of forward planning that will always keep your business on top.

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Security, Threat, Crisis and Emergency Management

We provide comprehensive end-to-end solutions in regard to security, threat, crisis and emergency management for clients. Including Security/Threat Risk Assessments, Security Management Plan Development & Implementation, Emergency Response and Preparedness Plans, Crisis Management and Disaster Recovery Plans; Security Services and Details, Simulation Exercises, 24 hour Support, Simulated Emergency & Security Response Exercises, Cultural Awareness Familiarisation and Acclimatisation Training and Pre-Deployment Training in Preparation for High Risk and Remote Work Environments.

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