ASTRA is one of the most highly experienced providers in the design, establishment, implementation, maintenance and compliance monitoring / auditing of Safety and Health Management Systems. Our expertise has been recognised and acknowledged both in Australia and overseas.

Safety and Health Management is applied for a range of reasons. But always for the purposes of:

  1. Ensuring legislative compliance – legislation being the minimum acceptable standard; and

  2. To provide a framework for the management of key organisational objectives.

The design of an effective Safety and Health Management System requires the alignment of the business strategy and operational processes as a means to protect and benefit the people that work within the boundaries, or are impacted by that “system”. ASTRA will construct and implement practical Management Systems that ensure compliance to industry, state, national or international standards or legislation with the objective of:

  1. The prevention or mitigation of events and actions that may otherwise have resulted in loss or harm to people, property or the environment; and

  2. Improving organisational performance through the effective management of core business activities.

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