The increased focus on the topic of Health and Wellness in Australia will have a significant impact on the way organisations across all industries are able to operate their day-to-day activities. For example, the 2015 Western Australian Parliamentary Inquiry into mental health impacts of FIFO recommends a new Code of Practice for such work arrangements. The unfolding outcome prompted Queensland to initiate its own parliamentary inquiry.

"So how then can your organisation promote a proactive and robust Health and Wellness culture?"

ASTRA Risk-based Approach

ASTRA applies a risk-based approach to all our workplace health and wellness solutions. Our range of standard educational and awareness programs (covering mental health, alcohol, drugs and fatigue) reflects the general risks and best control measures identified through research, inquiries and industry standards and guidelines.

On the other hand, the option of tailoring these programs allows you to incorporate your organisation’s unique risks, control measures, policies and plans already in place.

Finally, our consulting services will commence with a risk assessment that examines your current situation and that will then drive our recommendations for enhancement.

We also provide support and guidance in the development and review of health and wellness related policies, procedures and plans to reflect changes to legislation and corporate objectives. We assist with incorporating these into your existing safety management system.

Industry Experience

ASTRA commenced delivering risk-based Workplace Health and Wellness services over eight years ago. It was a natural expansion from our core business in safety risk management.
Since then, we have provided health and wellness support to major organisations across a wide range of industries that includes mining, construction, energy and transport.